Antisocial, Intelligence, The Intelligence of an antisocial Trilogy (3LP)

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"The intelligence of an antisocial" is Nugat's 6th independent release and about struggling with himself,  his mental disorders and state of mind. Including the mixtapes "Antisocial" (2017) and "Intelligence" (2018). Written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Nugat.

Strictly limited to 100 pieces. Every record will be numbered by hand. Sticker for free.

Artwork: Jannis Rolfs
Release: 08.03.2019
Shipping: 01.03.2019

The intelligence of an antisocial:
1. Little town
2. Prison of nowhere
3. Rocky B

4. Policemen (feat. Kelvyn Colt)
5. Paranoia flash dude
6. Elvis Presley
7. No time

Intelligence (11 Tracks) 

1. Bounce
2. Bruce Springsteen (feat. Trillboy)
3. fckn diamonds
4. While I’m ryhmin’ this
5. You’ll be sorry if you call me then
6. my subconscious mind hates me

7. Gösser feat. 0sb0rne
8. would you be down?
9. wit no confidence
10. Friendlist

Antisocial (8 Tracks) 

1. Have you ever? (feat. Adi Space)
2. Monopoly
3. Guns
4. Don’s City of Boredom

5. Colored Beans
6. Homies
7. Monopoly Remix (Ahzumjot Remix)
8. Monopoly Remix (KUSO GVKI Remix)